About Sunell


Since its foundation in 2002, Sunell has been committed to the research, development and innovation on the intelligent video products and solutions, and has been the leading company in surveillance industry in China.

With its headquarters located in Shenzhen, Sunell has 24 branch offices in China and has set up 5 international branch offices in South Africa, Taiwan, USA and Europe. Pursuing top quality, Sunell's products have served 93 countries and regions in the world, and provided security for billions of people.

Sunell insists on the independent technology innovation, and has constructed an international high level R&D platform. The average annual R&D investment accounts for 10% of the sales volume, and part of the independent technology ranks in the leading level internationally. Sunell was awarded the 'China smart city recommended brand' in continuous 3 years, 'Top 10 Chinese CCTV brand' in continuous 8 years, and 'top 10 scholarly enterprise of Shenzhen city'.

Rooted in Shenzhen, Sunell always regards 'creation beyond customers' expectations' as its continuous motive power for development. With open cooperation idea and agile marketing network, Sunell has assisted the construction in the smart city and the industries of finance, energy source, forest, transportation, intelligent building and civil fields, etc, providing a high quality safe enjoyment for people in both life and work.

In the times that the internet technology drives the revolution of various industries, Sunell has been persisting in the innovation. With the philosophy of 'loyal to video industry, but not limited to the security' and 'connecting with more secured world', Sunell has endeavored to provide more competitive products and solutions for ISP, enterprises and consumers.

With the enterprise culture of 'social commitment, virtue cultivation, making harmony and mutual development', Sunell actively participates in various public activities and has sponsored a philanthropic foundation. Sunell has carried out to learn the Chinese traditional culture for many years; the company is full of rich scholarly atmosphere, helping employees to improve the professional knowledge and cultural quality. Moreover, Sunell provides a good opportunity for many young staffs to connect with the world, equally dialogue and turn the dreams into reality.

Sunell, your reliable partner!


Description to Sunell logo

Sun Extends Light and Life !
Sunell, bright and warm like the sun, shining on the land the all beings.

"S" is abstracted as the deep nebulae, endlessly gathering and extending in the vast universe. It is also like an abstract Tai Chi, warm, harmony and balanced. In China's traditional culture, Tai Chi is the source of the universe, containing inexhaustible life force. The letter "S" consists of two balanced curves, standing for the line of morality and wisdom in the corporate culture respectively. Sunell is seeking for integrated morality and wisdom in human life, and values the morality, wisdom, and happiness in both mind and body of our employees.
"U" and "N" extend up and down respectively, meaning we are "seeking for the best".
"ELL" together means the sunlight extends and spreads endlessly.
"E" stands for "Extend". The first "L" stands for "Light". The second "L" stands for "Life".

The logo is in deep blue and green colors.
Blue: stands for blue sky and ocean, deep and vast. Green: stands for green land, full of vigor.

Deep Meaning
People pursuit for wisdom and morality and improve their characters in the endless space of life, like the sun to shine on and warm all the beings and the land.