SUNELL's Software Development Kits (SDKs) use standard protocols to provide partners with the tools, documentation, and code samples that partners can take full advantage of SUNELL's advanced technology. SUNELL offers WebAPI and Advanced SDK to aid partners in the development of SUNELL applications.

Advanced SDK

paragraphs',array('SUNELL offers a range of tools to facilitate partners develop unique and special features exclusively for SUNELL products, including: DLL-based SDK, SDK tools, discovery tools, and scripts, among many others. The DLL-based SDK is a combination of several independent dynamically-linked libraries (DLLs) written with the C programming language. Subsequently, the SDK interface is also in C. It includes different functional components that have specific purposes and capabilities. For example, some components support the function of transmitting audio and video data, while others are designed to decode video and audio data. This flexibility facilitates developers in building programs with the required components.Most of SUNELL's advanced SDKs are compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Developers are typically required to place greater effort into writing specific functions. For example, when connecting to specific streaming servers, such as the Network Camera or Video Server, to query media data, developers gain the freedom of configuring the decoding processes for the video and audio, optional methods, and even time display.','These advanced SDKs are protected by relevant clauses in the Non-Disclosure Agreement, and become available to developers once the NDA is signed. To acquire SUNELL SDKs, kindly register as a SUNELL member. If you are an existing member, please log in and fill out the SUNELL Software Partner Information Form. Your application will be reviewed by management, and you shall be granted access once your intentions and credentials are approved. Thank you.


VAPI is SUNELL's application programming interface, which provides efficient, adaptable, and flexible methods to integrate with a variety of applications and systems. SUNELL aims to continuously develop and maintain VAPI for all of its products to control fundamental functions.


ActiveX controls, which are used to denote reusable components of the software, adapt the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM). Applications are typically developed in a programming language that supports COM (i.e., VB, Visual C++, and C#) and operates under Windows.