Sunell Redefining Your Vision at ISC West


ISC West opened on April 5th, 2017 in Las Vegas, USA. As the leading intelligent products and solutions supplier in China, Sunell technology, with the theme “redefine your vision”, exhibited the intelligent products, technology and total solutions including the temperature detection thermal imaging cameras, ANPR cameras, panoramic cameras and 4K series of cameras, etc.


Around the theme, Sunell has focused on the research and innovation of intelligent HD video products and solutions, and acquired the extensive attentions of overseas customers all over the world.

Thermal imaging camera: perceiving the world with temperature

Through years of research and development, Sunell has successfully combined the video processing technology of visible light cameras with the thermal imaging technology, taking the lead in combing the thermal temperature detection and network surveillance in China, which has extended the concept of security.

The binocular thermal imaging cameras exhibited at ISC West can be applied in the epidemic screening field. Through the thermal imaging technology, the cameras can effectively detect the infrared radiation emitted by the human body, gauge the body temperature, and timely discover the crowds suffering from an infectious disease, avoiding the spread of the disease.


Sunell’s binocular thermal imaging cameras, based on the thermal imaging temperature detection and HD visible light cameras with face detection, capture and recognition functions, have the detection accuracy aviation less than 0.3°C. Compared with the ordinary thermal imaging cameras, they greatly improve the detection accuracy of human face temperature. Moreover, the products, integrating the intelligent recognition and temperature measure algorithm themselves, do not depend on the back-end platform, and can work offline. The products are much suitable for quick temperature screening at public areas with large flow of people such as customs, docks, airports, seaports and stations, etc.


“Thanks to the R&D of the thermal imaging technology, we have connected the security industry to the fields such as forest fire prevention, epidemic situation detection, photovoltaic plant and petrochemical industry, etc.” said Ms. Ann Wu, CEO of Sunell, “from the field of visible light to invisible light, and from ‘human’ to ‘object’, we are actively exploring the wider application of thermal imaging technology, and redefining the vision with thermal imaging temperature sensing”.

ANPR cameras: intelligently autonomic learning

It is worth mentioning that Sunell’s brand-new ANPR cameras adopt high performance SoC chip, integrate the most outstanding license plate recognition algorithm in security industry, and have the advantages of fast response and high recognition accuracy. Meanwhile, the products can learn the multi-angle license plate recognition scenes by themselves and can eliminate the restriction from a single angle for the traditional ANPR cameras.


According to Mr. Nicky Gao, the international sales director, Sunell’s ANPR cameras have a super high recognition accuracy rate (≥99%@speed≤10km/h;≥97%@speed ≤50km/h). The products can not only build the hotel parking management system independently, but also can be compatible with the third party software for a perfect license plate recognition system.


By statistics, this series of products have been widely used currently in the parking lots and urban roads surveillance in USA, England, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and other countries in the world.

Facing the market, connecting the world with intelligent videos

With nearly 9 years of overseas market experience, and from "connecting with more secured world" to "being the vanguard of intelligent videos”, Sunell has always been insisting on the market-oriented, continuous technical innovation and strict quality control. Sunell has established a leading position in the overseas market

Sunell has been adhering to independent innovation, owning a high-level international R&D platform, a number of core technologies and patented products in the visible lights security field. Sunell’s many other products at ISC West were greatly concerned.


The newly launched h.265 & 4K cameras and 4Ch/4K/NVRs are characterized by super HD videos and real pictures.

“To further optimize the quality and performance of our products, we will continue to launch more complete and mature H.265 products than ever, including the total HD NVR solutions with 1080P, 6MP and 12MP.” Sophia, the overseas sales manager introduced.


In addition, the mono-board network cameras and AHD solutions devised for large-scale economic market demand also brought visitors with a completely new experience.

The Intelligent 3D data management platform, through intensive data management and 3D multi touch operation, has made the security surveillance intuitive, comprehensive, and technological.

Global brand, redefining the security vision

Sunel not only consistently stays at the forefront of the surveillance technology, but also always follows the economic development trend in China and in the world to adjust the enterprise development strategy accordingly. Up to now, Sunell has set up 4 branch offices in South Africa, Taiwan, USA and Singapore and successfully exploited 32 brand markets, and the products and solutions have served 93 countries and districts.

Ann introduced: "Sunell has carried out a mode of differentiated products and differentiated business. Sunell, as a provider of intelligent video products and solutions, has been trying a global vision and actively cooperating with partners to connect the world with intelligent videos. Sunell redefines the vision of security with technical innovation and excellent products, and would like to bring products to the real demanding customers.”