Project Background

The Wings of Tatev Aerial Tramway Located in the Syunik Region, 250 km south of Yerevan, the total Length is 5,752m. This Tramway project used analogue camera and DVR before, because of image quality is not good enough, so now need to upgrade system to Full HD IP camera and NVR to get better quality image and make sure system is stable.

Project Requirement


1080P Full HD camera, support 2 way audio and alarm output; 1080P Speed dome;

Camera needs to have a good Low light performance, IP66 and some place need with super WDR function.

Models: SN-IPR54/14AKDN, SN-IPR55/20AKDN, SN-IPR54/14ALDN,SN-IPS54/80DR/ZSB22


Use CMS software live view and Playback video recording files, integrate alarm and access control system to build a whole system.


Solution Highlights

Use the Ultra Low light performance cameras and Super WDR cameras, integrate access control and alarm system build a whole system. For the video software use CMS software with easy operation,CMS and NVR with the same interface.

Low Light Comparison


Super WDR comparison


Unique Interface


Customer Comments

This system is very easy to use, simple operation, NVR and CMS with the same operation interface can reduce worker study; Camera with high quality image and system is very stable.