SUNELL FISHEYE CAMERA – No Blind Angle for 360° Surveillance

By Wei Jiawan

Fisheye lens is an particular ultra-wide-angle lens, with its almost 180° horizontal view angle, which can realize 360° surveillance without blind angle.

With the popularization of HD security surveillance camera, it has been a particular concern for consumers on how to realize singlepoint and large-scale surveillance with the effective use of HD image. Outdoors, Speed Dome camera is usually used as an effective way. Indoors, however, we usually use HD dome camera with wide-angle lens to realize this application. But for higher requirement, 2.8mm wide-angle lens, even 2.1mm ultra-wide-angel lens cannot meet the panoramic surveillance in specific applications. Fisheye lens is an particular ultra-wide-angle lens, with its almost 180° horizontal view angle, which can realize 360° surveillance without blind angle.

What Is Fisheye Technology?

Human eyes are with oval crystalline lens which enables human with far sight distance but narrow FOV. Fish eyes, on the contrast, are with spheric crystalline lens which enables fish with near sight distance, but extremely wider FOV. Based on this character, Fisheye lens is designed just like the fish eyes, where the diameter of front lens is short and parabolic out.Based on usual experience of wide-angle lens, we find that, the shorter the focal length, the more severe the image warping. The same applies to Fisheye lens. To realize panoramic ultra-wide-angle, the image warping is the most severe. Other than the center image being normal, other objects in the image which should be horizontal or vertical are all warped. For this reason, the application for Fisheye lens in security industry isn’t widespread. On one hand, early video surveillance is not HD and panoramic surveillance is not needed; on the other hand, the primitive vide of Fisheye camera is badly warped and cannot be used as an effective surveillance manner. Until recent years, this situation is changed with popularization of HD surveillance and the progress of de-warping technology. And panoramic Fisheye camera is developed gradually.

Sunell Fisheye panoramic camera possesses 6M pixelultra-high definition as an optimal combination of SONY 1/1.8”image sensor and 1.6mm ultra-wide angle Fisheyelens. The whole resolution can be up to 3072*2048. And by ePTZ function used for multiple partial area 3D dewarping and sub-division display, we can realize maximum 1 panorama video and 7 partial de-warping video display in one picture.

Sunell Fisheye Technology --Emerge As The Times Require

Sunell Fisheye is designed with UFO appearance,elaborate and fashionable. The Fisheye lens is located in the middle and surrounded by multiple dot-matrix LEDS with 10m IR range.

Sunell Fisheye camera is honorably awarded with 2014 “TOP 10 INNOVATIVE SECURITY PRODUCTS”. It is particularly applicable for supermarket, business hall where large-scale surveillance is needed. One Fisheye camera can realize several traditional HD camera coverage scale, introduced by Mr. Deng, Deputy Director of Sunell Marketing Department.

It is Fisheye image de-warping technology that Fisheye camera use. As Sunell R&D engineer says, image dewarping technology will shape the primitive warping image generated by Fisheye lens into the one conforming to our visual habits. And the 3D image de-warping algorithm we use is to adversely project every 2D imaging planar point to 3D image to realize de-warping function. Concrete 3D dewarping algorithm is complicated and only because of the powerful process unit of Majestic series camera, can we be supported to run such complicated algorithm and realize de-warping with high precision and free distortion.

Sunell Panoramic Fisheye Camera – Various and Outstanding Features

(1) High-End Processor and Sensor

Ultra-HD processor and latest SONY CMOS image sensor, gaining 360°panoramic image with 3072(H)*2048(V) resolution.


(2) Panoramic Surveillance

There are always blind surveillance angle for traditional HD camera. And to realize full coverage of the interested surveillance area, several HD cameras are needed to work coordinately. On the other hand, 1 360°panoramic Fisheye IP camera an realize the surveillance coverage of 4 traditional720P IP cameras, and with economic installation cost.


(3) Sunell Proprietary 3D Fisheye De-warping Algorithm,Multiple Image Division Technology

With Sunell Proprietary 3D Fisheye de-warping algorithm, High-Definition and Distortion-Free image output is supported. Sunell Fisheye camera support multiple display mode with partially detailed and clear image, including Panorama mode, 1+3 mode, 1+5 mode, 1+7 mode.


(4) ePTZ

In fact, ePTZ is virtual PTZ function. Neither mechanical module nor mechanical movement is needed for PTZ control. By this virtual PTZ function, you can get any interested de-warping area by dragging the Digital Number. And digital zoom function supported by Sunell Fisheye

camera enables you to get pixel image information. With ePTZ, we can realize all the flexibility and convenience of mechanical PTZ, while with much better stability by avoid the mechanical movement and abrasion.


(5) Auto Digital Coordinate Signing Technology

With 360°panorama technology and digital coordinate signing technology, direction and position information can be precisely displayed for partial images.


Sunell Fisheye camera can be widely used in Judicial System/Financial Organization/Safe City Program/Intelligent Residential District/Mall/Airport/Train or Bus Station/Rail

Transit System/Restaurant and Schoolyard, where large-scale and HD surveillance is needed. Presently, Sunell Fisheye is a hot sales product in both domestic and overseas market,and gains a popular reputation amongst consumers with its exquisite design and high cost-performance ratio.