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What is in the LAN?

Author: Sunell - Intelligent Video Total Solution Provider      Time: 2019-05-07      Visits: 213

1. if you are using our sunell devices. Usually, you will see the packages like this :


2. what's the

From the above address division, belongs to the class D website, that is, the multicast address. It is a reserved address. It does not point to a specific network, and this type of address is currently used in multicasting. Multicast address is used to address a group of computers at a time, it identifies a group of computers sharing the same protocol

3. Packet information decomposition

By tracking the UDP stream information, we can see the contents of each package, as shown below:


4. where does it comes from ?

This is a parameter set in our "IP Search Tool". Through this multicast address, all Jingyang machines can send information to the tool to display the product information on the search tool.

And this value is fixed in the tool, we can not see.

Of course, with this package, we can understand more clearly how IP search tools work, and it is also very good.



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