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Software VersionSunview_V1.
Software Description

SunView1.2 is a video surveillance SW based on CS architecture, can be used for video management of 

different monitoring scales. It supports centralized management, distributed deployment, multi-user 

remote access. With user management, device management, server management, alarm management, 

map management, device configuration, real-time video, video playback, personnel archive management, data statistics, face recognition, license plate recognition and other functions. Meets a variety of video surveillance solutions.

Updating log

Compare with Sunview_V1.1 there are below updating:

1. Intelligent face recognition algorithm is optimized, the operation efficiency is greatly improved, the memory consumption is greatly reduced, and the installation package volume   is reduced.

2. The function of adjusting the layout by dragging after adding the preview interface to press the video picture for a long time

3. Added the function of switching to raster when playback

4. New multi-target cameras and license plate cameras have been added.

5. Intelligent recognition, vehicle search, pedestrian search, traffic statistics and other video data structure functions have been added.

6. LPR-related functions such as license plate garage management, license plate matching strategy configuration, license plate retrieval, real-time license plate intelligent monitoring and so on have been added.

7. New configuration of thermal imaging alarm linkage capture strategy and retrieval function of thermal imaging alarm linkage capture picture are added.

8. Added the management function of personnel health records

9. New batch alarm processing functions of real-time alarm and alarm retrieval are added.

10. Face recognition, attendance video interface, new full-screen personnel information card animation effect, adjustable card size and voice broadcast function.

11. New Face Retrieval Support to View Details of the Original Map

12. Added real-time alarm-real-time preview window to support fast request device docking function

13. New Face-to-Face Linkable Mail, Front-end IO, Notification Mobile App and other functions are added.

14. Added support for server mapping from LAN to Internet usage

15. Optimizing the Logic of Realizing Face-to-Face Strategies

16. Optimizing the interactive experience of face recognition related functions

17. Optimizing the interactive experience of report statistics function

18. Optimizing the adaptive logic of real-time preview bitstream


Release Date2019-08-27
Download Link


This installation package contains installation program of Center Management Server, Media Distribution 

Server, Intelligent Analysis Server for servers, and Client installation program for end user.


Sunview Client:

This installation package only contains Client installation program for end user.





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