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SunView V1.

Author: Sunell - Intelligent Video Total Solution Provider      Time: 2019-12-05      Visits: 273
Software VersionSunview_V1.
Software Description

SunView1.3 is a video surveillance SW based on CS architecture, can be used for video management of 

different monitoring scales. It supports centralized management, distributed deployment, multi-user 

remote access. With user management, device management, server management, alarm management, 

map management, device configuration, real-time video, video playback, personnel archive management, data statistics, face recognition, license plate recognition and other functions. Meets a variety of video surveillance solutions.

Updating log

Compare with Sunview_V1.2 there are below updating:

1.Added new feature page to support common feature settings

2.Added fisheye expansion for video playback and expansion of four-eye panorama

3.Added the ability to save the fisheye expansion mode and position, and restore to the previous mode and position when the next program starts.

4.Added face database - support personnel information registration period, can register multiple face information

5.Added the function that the face database periodically captures captured images into the face gallery.

6.Added face recognition-voice announcement option to configure multiple broadcast strategies

7.Added GIS maps, multi-level map settings, online/offline maps, added custom maps

8.Added license plate retrieval map trajectory tracking, support for instant playback

9.A pop-up window focus prompt has been added. When the area other than the frame is clicked, the border of the pop-up box will flash

10.Added the function of accessing IPC by SSL encrypted transmission

11.Redo the attendance scheduling function, support multiple shifts, daily shifts, temporary shifts, holiday settings, notify the app when someone is absent , etc.

12.Redo user and role management interface, optimized interface interaction function

13.Optimized face search function, supports more search conditions, and search based on personnel, more detailed search results, supports instant video playback

14.Optimized the alarm pop-up function, when the alarm is the thermal imaging temperature alarm, it supports viewing the instant capture

15.Optimized face-level library, license plate library, organization and other multi-level functions, support for optional display of subordinate content

16.Optimized the new feature page, classifying the function cards, and optimizing the card drag operation

17.Optimized the shortcut mode of the confirmation box, Esc is canceled, Enter is OK

18.Optimized the operation details of other UI interfaces of the client


Release Date2019-11-15
Download Link


This installation package contains installation program of Center Management Server, Media Distribution 

Server, Intelligent Analysis Server for servers, and Client installation program for end user.


Sunview Client:

This installation package only contains Client installation program for end user.





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