Oostend Railway Station

Author: Sunell - Intelligent Video Total Solution Provider      Time: 2019-07-18      Visits: 247

Ostand Railway Station.jpg


Video surveillance system of railway station mainly monitors every station of rail transit in real time, so as to discover, deter and combat illegal and criminal acts in time, and provide video evidence for investigating and solving cases.


The project uses Sunell 30X IR speed dome camera and day and night monitoring of open areas such as borders and station squares. It can ensure all-weather monitoring requirements and meet the need to adjust the video direction and camera multiple focal length for fine monitoring.

For the station ticket office, station entrance and other fixed-point monitoring points, fixed-angle high-definition gun machine can be selected. For platform monitoring, Sunell high-definition 8MP high-definition, large depth of field camera can be used to monitor.


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