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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Shenzhen Sunell Technology Co. and its subsidiaries ("Sunell") takes your personal information very seriously. We will take appropriate measures to protect the information provided by and collected from you on the Site in connection with the functions, facilities, products and services offered on our Site. Please review this Policy before using the website. The Policy may be modified from time to time and all updates will be posted on this page. 

Collection of Your Information

When you use the website, Sunell may collect certain information about you as described in this Policy. The information can be divided into information that you provide and information that Sunell collects.

Personal information that you provide to us may include your name, company name, job title, fax number, phone number, web page, email address, your address, your language selection, your curriculum vitae. We will only use your Personal Data to support our mutual relationship, to understand your needs and to improve our support for your needs.

Personal information we collect include internet traffic data, such as IP and data collected through cookies, such as number of user visits, the time period of visiting, and user preferences.

Use of personal information

We collect Personal Data mostly about what interests you on our product and web sites. We log pages accessed by you in order to improve and develop, and enhance the usability of our product and web sites.

Sunell will not sell or rent your personal information at any time under any circumstance. Your personal information will be used for the following purposes:

For Sunell's legitimate interest, namely:

• To respond to your enquiries.

• To deliver services, such as newsletter or events.

• To assess you application for a position at Sunell.

• To evaluate your application for a position.

Each newsletter and services email Sunell sends to you will tell you will tell you how to decline further unsolicited communications.

Information Disclosure

Unless otherwise provided for by laws and regulations, or required by governmental departments or specified in this privacy policy, Sunell shall keep your information properly and shall never disclose it. You hereby authorize Sunell to disclose your information to a third party withour obtaining your prior consent in the following circumstances:

(1) Where it is necessary for Sunell to disclose this information for identification, contact, or taking judicial proceedings on acts which might cause damages to Sunell and it’s the rights or properties, website users, or any other persons as well as their rights and properties.

(2) Sunell will provide the personal information to related parties of Sunell or other enterprises or individuals which have cooperative relations with Sunell in order for them to represent/help Sunell to deal with the information. Suenll requires all the above-mentioned parties to agree that they will deal with the information according to the regulations of Sunell, this privacy policy, and the rules of relevant laws and regulations.


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