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  • HIT:163

    It can support JPG, PNG format.

  • HIT:214

    1. Confirm whether the client can ping the server

    2. Turn off the firewall on the server side

    3. Add the trusted client IP address and program at the server firewall

  • HIT:158 is the return address, which also refers to the IP address of the PC where the SUNVIEW is installed. If the server is installed on the local computer, it can access the server through the default IP address of You can also enter the IP address assigned to the PC. For example:


  • HIT:147

    1. The antivirus software may prevent installation. in this case, close the antivirus software and reinstall the software.

    2. If the installation still fails even you turn off the anti-virus software, it may be the problem of the installation package, such as abnormal installation script, database damage, etc. Need feedback to us for processing.

  • HIT:152

    1.CMU (central management unit) : It mainly deals with messages. Integrate and manage messages that communicate between servers and clients.

    2.IAU (Intelligent analysis unit): It mainly analyzes and processes the data of face and license plate of intelligent module, such as AI module of face recognition, license plate recognition and intelligent recognition.

    3.MDU (Media Distributor unit):It mainly transmits the audio and video stream of the equipment and the intelligent analysis data to the client.

  • HIT:242

    1. If you uninstall the old version of sunview manually, and then try to install new version, maybe you will have this problem


    2. It means you didn't uninstall the old version completely,  so some files still save in the registry.

    3. open the regedit.exe on the Windows


    4. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432Node, find the folder “vmSystem” , and delete it directly. then you can install the new version correctly.



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