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SunView V1.

Author: Sunell - Intelligent Video Total Solution Provider      Time: 2020-03-09      Visits: 1025
Software VersionSunview_V1.
Software Description

SunView1.4 is a video surveillance SW based on CS architecture, can be used for video management of 

different monitoring scales. It supports centralized management, distributed deployment, multi-user 

remote access. With user management, device management, server management, alarm management, 

map management, device configuration, real-time video, video playback, personnel archive management, data statistics, face recognition, license plate recognition and other functions. Meets a variety of video surveillance solutions.

Updating log

Compare with Sunview_V1.3 there are below updating:

1. Added the 1 x 2 layout feature in the interface of live view and face recognition module.

2. Added the feature of recording video batch backup.

3. Optimized the displaying of online, alarm status for the devices in E-map.

4. Added the configuration of sensor setting, scene, FFC menu for thermal products.

5. Added the inputting captured faces in the face library configuration.

6. Added A new functional module--Monitor center, displaying visual statistic and system


7. Added the displaying of general statistic of attendance in the Attendance interface.

8. Added the new module—Human body temperature lively screening, used in the

application for human body temperature detection.

9. Added the configurating sever parameters, in the server management module, it allow

to synchronize the time and face capture configurations.

10. Added the authorized access channel management for third party devices, by the way

of applying with hardware dongle.

11. Optimized the tips of installation completed or failed.

12. Optimized the picture grid features in the Playback.

13. Optimized the LPR module, to get rid of the same vehicle plate license in some certain


14. Optimized the live temperature curve interface, supporting full screen mode.

15. Optimized the face capture processing. If the new adding NVR with face capture

cameras, VMS can generate the capturing strategy automatically.

16. Optimized the operation experience of the time selection box on each interface of the


17. Optimized some detail in the UI at client software side.

Release Date2020.03.09
Download Link

Sunview Server:

This installation package contains installation program of Center Management Server, Media Distribution 

Server, Intelligent Analysis Server for servers, and Client installation program for end user.


Sunview Client:

This installation package only contains Client installation program for end user.


User Manual:




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